Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Fantastic Creatures and not Where to Find Them - Indescribable Entities

This Short Video is so weird ! Lots of strange creatures, some must be aliens.

This is a quick fire collection of explainable entities...

Be Warned! Some may SHOCK and DISTURB you

Image result for chinese hybrid man

Actual video footage of a Chinese Human / Big Foot Hybrid (Rumors claim his Mother was captured and repeatedly raped by a 'Big foot' monster and when she finally escaped she was pregnant with this unusual cross species human!

Image result for chinese hybrid man

I can't even begin to guess what this is but again seems to be a cross species hybrid!!

This clip is full of strange oddities some will leave you breathless.

Image result for strange creatures

There's certainly more surprising a unusual creatures out there than science is ready to admit..

Image result for strange mermaid creatures

Its educational and thrilling to see them all, enjoy, share, like and most of all subscribe....

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